Practicing Yoga

Attending yoga classes at a studio differ from other venues in a few ways. If you're curious as to what to expect when you attend class at Cherry Blossom Yoga, the following tips and etiquette may serve to enhance your experience, as well as the the experience of the yogis who attend class with you.


Comfortable clothing that allows you to move and breathe freely. Excessively baggy clothing in more active classes will only serve as a distraction, but you want to be comfortable.

Please, no perfumes or heavy lotions. The nature of the practice (whether active or restorative) requires deep, expansive breathing. As a kindness to your fellow practitioners, please refrain from fragrance prior to class. We offer spritz deodorant upon request behind the desk, if that is a personal concern.


Yoga mat. If you do not have your own mat, we offer mat rentals for $1.

Water. You're welcome to bring your bottle/thermos/canteen water into the room (please refrain from open cups that can spill).

Sweat towel. If you tend to sweat during physical activity, a sweat towel may behoove you.


First time attendees, please arrive 15 minutes prior to scheduled class time. Thereafter, 10 minutes is a sufficient window to sign in, set up your mat, use the restroom if needed, and get settled into the space without feeling rushed. All classes begin at the scheduled start time. **No admittance to most classes 10 minutes after scheduled class time begins. Ashtanga Led Primary classes, no admittance after 5 minutes. Mysore classes, no admittance after 30 minutes of scheduled start time.

Cell Phones: Please turn completely off, set to 'do not disturb' or airplane mode. Due to the proximity of our cubbies to our big room, phones on vibrate can still be heard by those students close to the door. Additionally, please complete all phone conversations prior to entering the studio. The studio is often a sanctuary or oasis for the students, and we prefer to keep electronic use to a minimum as a way to reduce the stress of daily activity. Allow yourself to begin shifting focus to your wellbeing from the moment you walk in the door. This also helps keep the noise levels lower while other classes are in session.

Before entering the yoga rooms, please remove shoes and leave them with all other personal belongings in a cubby. The studio is locked when there is nobody at the front desk, and while CBY is not responsible for loss of personal items, we've never had issue with anyone suffering from theft within our space. If you're uncomfortable leaving your belongings in a cubby, we recommend leaving important/valuable items in your vehicle.

There is a dressing area near the cubbies. During heavy traffic times please utilize the dressing room, rather than the restroom, when changing clothes.


Class will begin and end at the scheduled time. If you arrive late (see late admittance times above), be prepared to wait until an appropriate moment to enter the room so as to create minimal disruption to the class in progress. If you need to leave early for any reason, please let your instructor know prior to class beginning.

A Typical Class: Each class will begin with a brief moment of quiet in order to come together as a group and setting aside the day's activities, moving through a practice, then closing with final relaxation and parting words from the instructor. Some instructors open with a few words for thought to keep in mind during your practice. Some classes offer more in-depth instruction, whereas other classes will offer quieter space to cultivate self-awareness. At CBY, we view yoga as more than physical postures, and help to cultivate a greater sense of self through your physical practice and meditation.

Depending on the style of class chosen, you may experience more warmth and strength-buildling, while other classes may emphasize more relaxation and lengthening of the tissues. Regardless of the physical style chosen, most students walk away feeling rejuvenated, open, and peaceful. 

Yoga should be fun without frivolity. While we approach our practice from a sense of focus and inner-awareness, a sincerity is encouraged to prevent injury and sustain enjoyment of this lifelong journey.