Class Descriptions

We offer a myriad classes at Cherry Blossom Yoga, serving all levels of experience. The menu on your left will direct to the individual descriptions for each style we offer. Below you'll be able to find a description of the experience level designations as listed in the specific class descriptions. The levels are offered as a minimum - for example, if you fancy yourself a level 2 or 3 you're welcome to attend any class labeled a level 1/2, All level, etc. (i.e. you're not restricted to to those designated a level 3 only). However, if you're newer to yoga, we wouldn't recommend jumping into a level 2 or higher.

If you find you have additional questions about what class might be appropriate for your level of experience, please do not hesitate to email or call the studio for further clarification.

Class Level Designations

All Levels: This is just as it sounds. It is open to all levels of experience, whether it's your first ever yoga class or simply the next one after many years of practice. Our all level classes include Gentle Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yin Flow, and Foundations of Yoga. NO YOGA EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED.

Level 1/2: This level designation is suitable for those who have a little to some experience, but aren't quite ready for the heavy-hitting advanced postures. These classes are also open to those who enjoy the "pretzel postures," but also enjoy taking it down a notch and moving through a more moderate pace. In these classes, you'll experience fundamental postures accompanied with a sprinkling of challenging elements. SOME YOGA EXPERIENCE IS RECOMMENDED. 

Level 2/3: This level designation is open to those with yoga experience and who have a regular yoga practice. These classes incorporate fundamental postures, but move at a pace that requires prior experience in yoga. You won't be moving so fast that you leave feeling frazzled, but there is an expectation the student is familiar with the basics of postures and sun salutations. YOGA EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.

Level 3: This level designation is reserved for the Ashtanga Led Primary, to establish a frame of reference for the other level designations. The led Primary practice as taught in the style of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois moves at a steady pace, is led mostly in Sanskrit, with no/minimal instructor demonstration. If you're interested in the Led Primary, but have never practiced Ashtanga before, we recommend taking an Intro to Ashtanga. You can also contact the studio if you're interested and have a long history in vinyasa styles of yoga, but have never taken Ashtanga itself before. ASHTANGA EXPERIENCE RECOMMENDED.

Independent Practice: This level designation is reserved for the Mysore classes. These are self-practice/independent practice classes, where students come in to the studio and move through their sequence at their own pace (typically one of the Ashtanga series'), under the eyes of an instructor offering adjustments, alignment help, learning the next postures in the series, etc. If you are newer to a yoga and/or Ashtanga practice and would like to take the Mysore, please contact the studio before your arrival. ASHTANGA EXPERIENCE RECOMMENDED.

Level 4+: This level designation is reserved for the Ashtanga Led Second Series. This is a rare occurrence on our schedule, but occasionally makes its way on - usually only a few times per semester. ASHTANGA EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.