Mysore practice simply means a self-practice. A teacher is present to guide and facilitate your practice with adjustments and insight, but the class is not 'led'. Due to the nature of the practice, you may enter anytime within the first 30 minutes, begin and move through your practice, close out and leave as your practice requires. Once you know how long your practice takes, you can judge how soon you need to arrive in order to finish no later than the end time listed on the schedule. It is best when starting out that you arrive as early as possible. This class is perfect for beginners with some yoga experience or new to Ashtanga, as you only learn as far into the series as you (and your body) are ready.

If you are new to yoga, you will be taught the Ashtanga Primary Series - beginning with the Sun Salutations and Standing postures. Initially, your practice will be shorter than other students. As you develop your practice, you'll begin to develop more postures, thus lengthening your practice. Postures are added to a students' practice gradually, determined on an individual basis. Additionally, Mysore is perfect for seasoned practitioners looking to deepen their practice. 

This is a method of practice that not only helps develop your physical asana practice, but also cultivates autonomy and ownership of your practice. You are the guardian of your practice, and in this class you are offered the chance to truly explore yourself through your physical practice.

This can often be described as a "private class in a group setting." You will receive personal, individualized feedback while having the freedom to spend time in postures without feeling rushed.