Vinyasa is often translated as 'a marriage of movement and breath,' 'fluid, breath-initiated movement,' or perhaps most accurately 'intelligent sequencing.' However you define the style, it is typically a class that incorporates strength, balance, and endurance resulting in a creative and varied practice.

Level 1/2 

Formerly known as Yoga Flow, this class is indicative of a more moderate paced flow practice. This vinyasa is a multi-level, artfully sequenced, steady flowing yoga practice. Each class includes fundamental postures, as well as some challenging poses/transitions and longer holds to emphasize healthy alignment. Cultivating deeper and calmer breathing while nourishing the grounding energy as you move through the practice at a smoother pace. YOGA EXPERIENCE RECOMMENDED.

Level 2/3

Rooted in the lineage of Ashtanga, Vinyasa style of classes have the vigor and flow of an Ashtanga class, while offering a more eclectic approach in terms of postures. You will flow through a series of postures in synchronicity with the breath, and therefore foundations of alignment and breath must be cultivated in slower paced styles (Yoga Flow, Foundations of Yoga). Vinyasa classes are an opportunity to apply the foundations you've learned and developed, and add the additional layers of fluidity and rhythm.

Basic through advanced postures are linked with breath in a more vigorous environment, therefore YOGA EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.