Sapha Arias, 500RYT

Falling in love with yoga was Sapha's destiny from the second she stepped onto her mat in 2007. From this moment on she began to study as much as she could about yoga, researching and reading endlessly. In this search for knowledge and growth, she realized her practice was more than just asana; it was a direct route to self-discovery and connectivity to every aspect of her self. It was at this point that Sapha began a deeper journey into the heart of yoga and the ability to open up to grace. Feeling joyous about having found the gift of yoga, Sapha felt deeply called to share this practice, and its many lessons with others. She completed her 200-hour teacher certification with Lex Gillan at The Yoga Institute of Houston Texas in 2011 and has continued her education of the last four years, finally completing her 500RYT with Jennyyoga in Houston, Tx.  

Sapha remains forever the seeker and the student of this practice, and wants nothing more than to share the gift of yoga and all its lessons with the world.