Sheila Attayi, 200RYT

Sheila had an on and off again relationship with yoga for about 10 years, only practicing using books, or at schools or gyms. After she graduated from Texas A&M with her bachelor's degree in 2012, her original plans for law school fell through and she was faced with uncertainty of where to go from there. She started practicing yoga again, but this time at a studio and has not stopped practicing since then.

Through yoga she has learned to cope with the hardships of life, finding stability and calm, while improving both her physical health and overall well-being. In April 2015, she received her 200 Hour Certification at Cherry Blossom Yoga under Sara Turk with the intention of sharing the joy and healing of yoga with others.

When she's not practicing or teaching yoga, Sheila works as a substitute teacher in the Cy-fair district and as a reading tutor. In her spare time she enjoys zumba, working out at the gym, and spending time with her friends and pet dog!