Meet the Team

Our Teaching Philosophy

Our Cherry Blossom Yoga teachers embrace the philosophy that yoga is more than a means of physical exercise (though it can serve that role, too). CBY exists to provide a safe space and community for healing, growth, and transformation, and to inspire others to take ownership of their own healing, growth, and transformation.

We implement this mission through the practice of yoga, pranayama (breathing techniques), and meditation.

Our teachers incorporate the 8 limbs of yoga into not only our practice, but in our teachings as well. We each continue our education through our own practice, as well as through academic study of philosophy and self-study (svadhyaya). It is this continued education as teachers that allow us to offer you the tools to continue your own growth along the path to self-realization and self-awareness. The cherry blossom symbolizes rebirth and renewal, and each day we can find a sense of that, through awareness, in our daily lives.

What to expect when practicing with CBY

In each class, you can expect to find elements of the teacher's personal journey on and off the mat. The lineage of yoga is experienced through parampara, the passing of knowledge directly from teacher to student. It is through this passing of knowledge that the wisdom of yoga can blossom within each of us. We are all students, and we all have the potential to explore the depths of our Self within the community of yogis that breathe and move together.  With CBY, you can expect the highest quality instruction from teachers dedicated to their own continued growth in a welcoming, judgement-free space.

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