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What you need to know about CBYtv+ and Zoom

  • Upon enrolling in CBYtv+ you'll receive a welcome email with your exclusive Zoom Link for all CBYtv+ sessions.
  • The Zoom application is FREE to download, and while the application itself is not required to be download, it does make it easier to access class.
  • For those who have yet to take an online class, this is very much like a conference call situation, but with yoga. You will have the choice to turn off video so no others can see you, while still being able to see the instructor for demonstration (when applicable).
  • CBYtv+ interactive classes open 5 minutes prior to start time so you can get in and settled in the event of technical difficulties or you need technical assistance in exploring Zoom your first time.
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Tips on Your At-Home Set up for Interactive Classes

  • Signing on: Make sure you sign on in plenty of time - just like you arrive to the studio 5-10 min early, sign on about 5 min early to avoid delays for possible technical difficulties, especially if the platform is newer to you.
  • Device: iPads/Tablets, Laptops, Computers, and TV screens are better for seeing the teacher if demonstration is needed. If you're only concerned with audio, phones are fine. Be sure you've got your device plugged in -- Zoom is known to drain battery while in use.
  • Mat placement: If you have the space, set your mat up at a slight angle and off to one side of your device so the teacher can see multiple angles for better instruction if needed. Envision the instructor towards the top corner of your mat instead of straight on.
  • Device placement: Set the device either lower to the floor and angle upward, or above and angle downward. If it's far enough away, head-on is fine, but the closer it is to you, either angling up or down will provide a better view for the instructor to offer feedback.
  • Lighting: Best is lighting if it's not directly behind you, as that creates a silhouette and not as easy for the teacher to see your alignment. Try for side lighting, lighting behind your device/in front of you, or 'surround sound' style lighting coming from all directions except behind you.

Sample CBYtv session: Pilates Beginner Basics with Kari Wingo

This 5 min session, found in our CBYtv & CBYtv+ libraries, introduces you to some of the basic movements found in a pilates session. Full pilates sessions can be found in the on-demand catalogue and livestream on select Moon Days for the CBYtv+ members.


Key benefits from a CBYtv or CBYtv+ online membership

  • Sara Turk brings you 20+ years of yoga practice experience and 15+ years teaching experience.
  • Additional CBY teachers with many years of teaching and practice experience may be included in the offerings on occassion.
  • On-demand classes allow you to practice as your schedule allows.
  • Monthly payment structure allows more flexibility for those with a tighter budget and can't afford to attend a studio as often as you would like.
  • Unlimited access to our online community to find additional support and inspiration, ask questions, and more.

Have Questions?

It's natural to have questions at a time like this. If the above didn't address your question, see our additional FAQs below.

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Lyndsay R.

"I'm thrilled that my yoga home and my teacher now offer CBYtv so that I can get a led practice from my living room too! This will be literally life-changing for me and our crazy schedule!"

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